71 Top Anything but a Backpack Day Ideas (2024)

Inside: Anything But a Backpack Day Ideas that Will Make You Cackle

Every year of my High School Experience, I looked forward to one week and one week only: Spirit week. I know I know, Spirit Week over the last week of school? Yep, I will take that week over the last one any year.

My absolute favorite day that I ever participated in was Anything But A Backpack Day, which is, as you may be able to guess, a day that you have to use anything but a backpack to carry your things around. This day was my favorite because it is the most fun out of any spirit day theme. Someone literally used a Lawn Mower in my school. Isn’t that crazy?

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So today I wanted to take a little walk down memory lane, or should I save B hall, and take a look at some of the best Anything but a Backpack Day Ideas that this generation has been able to come up with. Take a look!

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Cool Anything But a Backpack Day Ideas

These are honestly about to blow your mind. I am not kidding! Not only are they highly inventive, but seeing the juxtaposition of some of these items in a school setting will just leave you in tears. Good tears, though, from laughing…not tears from crying because this generation is insane.

However, that is a valid reason to cry. Just kidding Gen Z, I love you.

1. Halloween Themed Caldron

2.Seed SpreaderIt’s funny, and it’s portable; how perfect is this one!

3.Crock Pot

4.Car TireI mean…it’s pretty heavy, but it’s also heavy with laughs, so I think it is worth it.

5.Kid’s Car

6.Toy Tractor

7.Golf CarrierThese are kind of like backpacks, are they not? If you have any of these lying around from your dad, make sure you ask before you take them. They are spendy!

8.Snow Sled

9.KayakNow, with big-ticket items like this, make sure that you get your school’s permission before choosing. It would be awful to go through all of the hassle of transport just to get turned away at the door.

10.Baby Stroller

11.Animal Cage

12.Cute Baby BassenateIf any of the shorter kids need to take a nap, you are going to be their favorite person.

13.Grocery Cart

14.Spiderman LuggageI mean…I would use this as a backpack even now. But I am a spiderman fanatic, so I guess that isn’t saying much.


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HilariousAnything But a Backpack Day Ideas

Next up, we have some even more hilarious Anything but a backpack day ideas for you to take a look through. These make me wonder: How many kids just decided to keep using their backpack alternative after this day was up?

I mean, I feel like a fruit look box would be surprisingly organized.


17.Fruit Loops BoxWhat did I say? In terms of papers and folders…I think this is one of the better options.

18.Yellow Mop Bucket

19.Minnie Mouse Stroller

20.Mini Grocery Cart

21.Funny Plastic Kid Car –This one was the one to push me over the edge. I love it. These cars are filled with so much nostalgia for me already, so I am dying.

22.Floating Cooler

23.Litter Box

24.Lawn ChairI would have never thought of this as an option. Will all your stuff fall out? Yes. Will you get all of the laughs? Also yes.


26.Milk Crate PackI think this one is perfect because it makes sense. You won’t drop anything, and you are still adhering to the rules of the challenge.

27.Pampers Box

28.Skeleton Now, this skeleton is the winner. I am sorry to everyone else who participated, but this kid gets the trophy. HE EVEN PUT HIS STUFF IN THE RIBCAGE. Like it doesn’t get better than that. He won.

29.Traffic Cone

30.Metal Tire

31.MailboxI wonder if they will be getting their report card sent to their backpack this year?

Out of the Box Backpack Ideas

This is one of my favorite sections on this list. I feel like the more obscure you get with this challenge, the more hilarious it is, and in turn, the better you do. There has to be a contest by the end of the day…who do you think will win? The grocery bag or the Kayak? I will let you think about it.

32.Big Cooler

33.Trash CanI mean…for those of you who hate school…this is a pretty good one.

34.Black Suitcase

35.Teddy BearThe only part that I am sad about is the fact that this teddy bear had to be cut open for this to work.

36.Fishing Net

37.Kid Plastic Toys

38.Bike Basket

39.Woodworking ToolI have no idea what this clamp is…but it is funny.

40.Home Depot Bucket

41.Brief Case

42.Inflatable Rubber Ducky

43.Cloth Backpack

44.Red Little Toy

45.Picnic BasketThis one is cuter and less funny. But that is okay because this girl gets to live her red-riding hood dreams today.

46.Birthday Bag

47.Stick Rucksack

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Best Not-a-Backpack Ideas

I have a hard time imagining how these kids even got these huge items to school or how they got them around. But the good thing is that they did it, and they got photographed doing so.

Now we get to enjoy these photos and come up with EVEN BETTER IDEAS! Check these out and tell me you are not inspired.

48.Little Couch

49.Red BananaI have no comment on this one.

50.Kiddie Pool

51.Gerbil Cage

52.Trash Can Backpack

53.Pizza BoxI would never have thought of this. The best part about it is that he got to eat the pizza.

54.Baby Doll Napper

55.LV Fancy Bag

56.Trash Bag

57.Olive Garden BagAgain, the best part is that he got to eat the food in it. Do you think he packed some for his lunch?


59.Laundry Basket

60.Little Tike Car

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Simple Backpack Ideas

And lastly, I wanted to include some ideas that are more attainable than bringing a lawn mower into school. These are perfect because they are smaller but still just as funny. Because as funny as bringing the big things into school is, how the heck will you get it around without disrupting things?

61.Sonic Box

62.PS5 Box

63.Little Paper Bin

64.Guitar Case

65.Green Matching Stuffed Animal

66.Toy Bag

67.Cars Themed Backpack

68.Red Wagon


70.Milk Crate Skate Board

71.Storage Tub

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So there you have it…the best Anything but backpack day ideas for your up-and-coming spirit week. I hope you found these as amusing as I did…because I was literally laughing out loud a few times. It is my wish that we shared in that laugh.

If you didn’t find anything to use on this list, it is my hope that you at least had a spark of inspiration for something else that you can use. I know that these spirit weeks are something that I still think about to this day, so even though it may not seem like this big thing, remember that the moments that we experience now are the memories we look back on later.

There are so many other spirit week ideas to cover…it doesn’t stop here. So look at some of the other super helpful tips and tricks I have for you.

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71 Top Anything but a Backpack Day Ideas (2024)
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