Recipe This | How To Steam In The Instant Pot (2024)

Would you like to learn how to steam in instant pot and create the same steamed food taste using the instant pot rather than a traditional steamer? Then you will love our instant pot steam guide.

We have been steaming food (especially potatoes and veggies) in the instant pot pressure cooker for years now and it was instant pot broccoli that was our very first instant pot recipe we ever did.

Originally shared with you instant pot steam info back in 2017, updated it in 2020 and just wanted to update it for you today.

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Instant Pot Steam

Have you ever owned a food steamer? We got our first one many years ago and used one for steaming veggies, potatoes and salmon for about 5 years prior to getting our first instant pot.

What we loved most about using the steamer is that it made food taste so good. You didn’t have that bland taste to your veggies that you get with boiling and never boiled another vegetable again.

So, no surprise that the first thing we ever cooked in the instant pot was instant pot steamed broccoli.

If you want to recreate steamed food in the instant pot, say goodbye to your old food steamer and say hello to our how to steam in instant pot guide.

Can You Steam In An Instant Pot?

Yes, you can steam in an instant pot, and you will love it. Also, for the same taste and texture as steamed foods you don’t even need an instant pot with a steam button. In fact, we have the instant pot duo and the instant pot duo plus, at home in our kitchen.

What Can You Steam In Instant Pot?

Anything that you imagine boiling will cook much quicker in a steamer in the Instant Pot. You also get to retain the flavour and nutrients if you steam vs boiling.

Here are a few ideas for instant pot steaming:

  • Boiled Eggs
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Vegetables
  • Pureed Fruit

You can also rinse and repeat with the instant pot steaming method and experiment with more and more different foods from the same family.

For example, you can try instant pot broccoli first, then at your next mealtime, use the same method to do instant pot cauliflower and it’s a great way to learn the instant pot.

IMPORTANT Tips For Instant Pot Steaming

Before diving into how to steam in instant pot lets talk about some important instant pot steaming tips.

  1. You need liquid to bring the instant pot to pressure. Depending on the size of your instant pot this is between 1 cup and 2 cups (240ml to 480ml).
  2. You can flavour the instant pot. Maybe you are steaming food and then using it for something else such as a soup, or a sauce. If this is the case swap water for our instant pot veggie stock. It will make such a difference to the flavour.
  3. You need a steaming cook time chart. We have one below for you that you can print off at home or click here for it. It gives you a quick reference for how long the different foods need in the instant pot.
  4. Make sure you set the valve to sealing. This is important as to get that perfect steam like cook you want to bring the instant pot to pressure followed by a quick cook time.
  5. Use a steamer basket. If you don’t it will be liking boiling your food. A good steamer basket (we love this one) also has a few moderate holes so that the food can breathe and so that you can create the best meals.
  6. If steaming a whole meal stack in the right order. Place the hardest to cook things at the bottom of the steamer basket and then lay the rest on top. An example would be hard carrots on the bottom to thin strips of chicken on top.
  7. Save your stock for another instant pot recipe. If for example you are making salmon and broccoli, then the salmon juices will drip down giving you a brilliant fish stock for a future meal.
  8. Don’t over fill your instant pot steamer basket. Otherwise, things will not cook properly, and you will have to take it back to pressure again.

How To Steam With Instant Pot?

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The process of steaming with instant pot is a very easy method and you will love it. The same process remains the same regardless of whether you are steaming eggs, veggies, potatoes, fish or even meat.

Let’s demonstrate steaming in instant pot with instant pot cauliflower.

You place your liquid into the instant pot first. Its important that you have enough water to go to pressure and this will vary depending on the instant pot model you are using.

For example, in the instant pot duo 6 quart that we are using this is 1 cup of water which is the same as 240ml.

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Then after adding the liquid which can be water, or it can be stock, you add in your steamer basket.

If your steamer basket has its own stand then you can put it directly in the instant pot and it is perfect for pressure cooker as steamer. BUT if you don’t have legs on your steamer basket, you will need to add the trivet and then your steamer basket.

Then add the food you plan on steaming, which in this case is lots of cauliflower florets.

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Next, place the lid on your instant pot, set the valve to sealing and pressure cook for the required cook time.

Then do a quick pressure release and check that your cauliflower (or other veggie) is fork tender and you are DONE.

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Now imagine, rinse and repeat and doing this over any of your favourite veggies or potatoes and how simple the instant pot is for everyday cooking.

Instant Pot Steam Cook Times Cheatsheet

Recipe This | How To Steam In The Instant Pot (8)

Rather than struggling to print the image or jotting down all the info, we have a PDF version. You can download the PDF for free in our instant pot members area including lots of other instant pot printables, and free air fryer and slow cooker printables too.

Instant Pot Steam Seal Or Vent?

When making food with the instant pot steamer, you need to set it to sealing not venting. That way it will quickly go to pressure for the required minutes and then you can do a quick pressure release.

No Steam Button On Instant Pot Duo Plus

I have only owned the instant pot duo and the instant pot duo plus. This model has no steam button on instant pot. You may be wondering how do you do instapot steaming without it?

Well, without the instant pot steam setting, you simply press the “pressure cook” button instead.

The steam function on instant pot is simply a pre-set cook time and by using the pressure cook button you are simply manually setting the time and temp.

However, if you have a super old instant pot like we have, then this might be called “manual” instead.

Now you know what to do if you have no instant pot steam button!

How To Steam Meat In Instant Pot?

You can steam meat in the instant pot, in the same way you instapot steam veggies.

It’s the same process of placing the meat in the steamer basket and then pressure cooking until done.

Which Instant Pot Steamer Basket?

We have talked about how to use steamer basket in instant pot, but we haven’t talked about which one is the best and which ones we use.

Well, I love being totally honest with you, and I am sure you will be surprised to learn that Dom has a favourite and I have a favourite, and we don’t like the same instant pot steamer basket.

When using instant pot steamer basket, I much prefer the expandable ones. They allow you to fill it with more food and you can expand it depending on what you are cooking. You can read more about it here and the recent reviews. Dom dislikes it because it is harder to clean lol plus it’s a little flimsy.

Dom prefers this instant pot steamer basket which is bigger and with its handles is very practical. But you do need to use the trivet for it to rest on, unlike my favourite which has its own little legs. You can read more about it here and the recent reviews.

We also have a very old one, that was from an old soup maker, that we kept and use in the instant pot. Unfortunately you wont be able to find it anywhere as that steamer basket doesn’t exist anymore. You can see it in use (and how old it looks) in our instant pot carrots recipe.

Though, if you plan to do instant pot hard boiled eggs a lot, then you might prefer treating yourself to an egg steamer basket. They are fun and many instant pot users love them. And yes, we have one!

Listen To How To Steam In The Instant Pot

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Instant Pot Steamer Basket Recipes

I have shown you the instapot steamer, how to steam in instant pot, what instant pot steamer basket you need, but now lets talk about some delicious instant pot steamer basket recipes you can try.

Recipe This | How To Steam In The Instant Pot (10)

That way you can practice the instant pot steam method and use it as a quick way for cooking.

#1 Instant Pot Cauliflower

Recipe This | How To Steam In The Instant Pot (11)

Start steaming in an instant pot with instant pot cauliflower, its one of those easy instant pot veggies and you can chop up a medium cauliflower for a quick experiment.

#2 Instant Pot Carrots

Recipe This | How To Steam In The Instant Pot (12)

Next, try instant pot carrots. I originally made instant pot carrots in my early pressure cooker days and because I am doing sliced carrots, they fit in a smaller steamer basket.

#3 Instant Pot Turnips

Recipe This | How To Steam In The Instant Pot (13)

Another firm family favourite is instant pot turnips. They are probably most associated with Christmas, but we love them whenever they are in season.

#4 Instant Pot Rutabaga

Recipe This | How To Steam In The Instant Pot (14)

Or similar to the turnip why not try instant pot rutabaga. Or where you live you might call it instant pot swede or instant pot neeps.

#5 Instant Pot Red Potatoes

Recipe This | How To Steam In The Instant Pot (15)

If you have not followed our instant pot steamer instructions for instant pot red potatoes yet, then you must. The instant pot is just as good for the potatoes as it is the veggies.

Recipe This | How To Steam In The Instant Pot (16)

Or beyond instant pot red potatoes why not do a combo and do instant pot carrots along with instant pot potatoes. It makes a fantastic midweek evening option.

#7 Instant Pot Asparagus

Recipe This | How To Steam In The Instant Pot (17)

Or for a very simple veggie for your next evening meal, try instant pot asparagus that sits and cooks in the instant pot steamer basket.

#8 Instant Pot Frozen Vegetables

Recipe This | How To Steam In The Instant Pot (18)

Though don’t dismiss frozen vegetables in the instant pot. You can cook a lot of your frozen veggies using the steamer basket. We love to do a medley of frozen cauliflower, frozen broccoli and frozen peas. Though you can mix and match.

#9 Instant Pot Frozen Broccoli

Recipe This | How To Steam In The Instant Pot (19)

Or just focus on the broccoli. We love to do some instant pot frozen broccoli for our lunch and can quickly steam it for 0 minutes and it’s done in no time!

#10 Instant Pot Shepherd’s Pie

Recipe This | How To Steam In The Instant Pot (20)

Then for the unexpected instant pot steamer basket recipe it is instant pot shepherd’s pie. You cook the minced lamb at the bottom of the inner pot, then add a trivet, followed by the steamer basket and can then steam the potatoes for the mash as the mince cooks.

How Long To Steam In Instant Pot?

The instant pot steam time can vary from food to food, what we recommend is that you download our free PDF which goes into detail with different cook times, then you can print it out and use it at home.

Can’t read it now? Then pin it for later!

Recipe This | How To Steam In The Instant Pot (21)
Recipe This | How To Steam In The Instant Pot (2024)
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