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THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 1996 C4 FRIDAY DAYTIL11 JUMBLE CROSSWORD 13 12 10 Unscramble these tour Jumbles, one teller to each square, to torm lour ordinary words. LIFE Designing Women NIK Gullah Gullah Island (S) (12:45) BRAVO Movie "84 Charing Cross Road" 66175649 1 P.M. 16 15 14 ATHEW LJ I 19 18 17 Ol Wr Mmia Seivm, inc. AH ")N( BewrvwJ PRACTICE 23 22 21 20 6 A.M. Pink Panther (S) (5 a.m.) News (5 a.m.) News (CC) (5 a.m.) News (CC) 60 Hooked on Aerobics 0 Tom Jerry 03 (5 a.m.) News (CC) B9 Beverly Exercise 0 Brent Walters and Rick Godwin 03 Flintstones (CC) The Elephants of Timbuktu BET Benny Hinn CNBC Today's Business CNN Early Edition CSPAN Washington Jour 25 24 WORNC A A 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 135 36 34 AMMAND I si 39 WHAT THE FOOrrJALL-PLAyiNG GAPPENER PIP.

38 37 keui i ACROSS 1 the Red 5 Speeder's undoing i 10 Buddies 14 Religious guide '15 Eradicate 16 Mr. Kazan i 17 Author Waugh .18 Twining plants i 19 Be without j- 20 Infers i 22 Simian I 24 The the i merrier I 2Pindaric 26 Go unsteadily 29 Sorry 34 Water passage 35 Very strong gust of wind 36 Necklace of a kind I 37 Perjurer "38 Vessel for oil 39 Maid 40 Alamos 41 Ignominy 42 41 40 DOMECY 1 I X. LJ Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. 45 44 43 The 700 Club One Life to Live (CC) 75216 IB Days of Our Lives (CC) 18026 60 Barney Friends (S) (CC) 60 E.N.G. (CC) 09 Family Worship Center Alive Q3 James Roblson 03 Tempestt Columbo CNBC Money Wheel COM Benny Hill DISC Start to Finish LIFE Movie "Attack on Fear" 334129 NASH VideoPM (S) NIKGumby(S) TNT CHiPs WGN Perry Mason DISN Movie "The Adven- tures of Ichabod and Mr.

Toad" 9630587 HBO Movie "The Chase" 525939 (1:10) TMC Movie "Key Exchange" 47538262 (1:15) SHOW Movie "City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold" 11254910 1:30 P.M. T47 46 'EM X. A. I I Answer here BETThea (S)(CC) DISC Start to Finish FAM The 700 Club LIFE Frugal Gourmet (S) (CC) NIK Muppet Babies (S) WTIU Reading Rainbow (CC) TNT Gilligan's Island WGN Andy Griffith DISN Under the Umbrella Tree (CC) HBO Movie "Andre" 7919216 (9:35) TBS Three's Company 10 A.M. Matlock (S)(CC) Carnie Mark Walberg CB Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (CC) 69 Three's Company CD Goodnight Show QD Victory With Billy and Sharon Daugherty 03 Kenneth Copeland 03 George and Alana 03 Money Maze Police Story BET Video Vibrations BRAVO Twin Peaks COM Tracey Ullman CSPAN House of Representatives DISC Lynette Jennings Housesmart LIFE Biggers and Summers NIK Allegra's Window (S) WTIU Barney Friends (S) (CC) TNT Knots Landing (S)(CC) USA Magnum, p.i.

(CC) WGN Charlie's Angels DISN My Little Pony Tales (10:05) TBS Beverly Hillbillies (10:05) CINE Movie "Little Giants" 41956007 (10:05) TMC Movie "Look 55 54 53 52 51 SO 49 48 (Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: OPIUM LUSTY BOBBIN SYSTEM Answer: What the couple considered their favorite spot in the park A BUSS STOP Yesterday's 59 58 57 56 62 61 60 SEEK FIND 65 64 63 060796 DELIGHT 1996 Tribune Media Services, Inc. All rights reserved. Yesterday's Puzzle solved: The Bold and the Beautiful (CC) 91 200 60 Body Electric (S) 03 Richard Roberts Q3 Benny Hinn DISC Easy Does It NIK Adventures of Tintin (S) (1:45) CINE Movie "School Ties" 40015216 2 P.M. TP I TGJRATBEK VlD I Til HMRAHCMIL NEPQIHJ0UBLWNWIRE0 LNEDECTGYLNEVAEHRD ARBDTNETLRYESNIHUT DARYLEV0L00GCRKJSP DPITM0LQIARHUT0EAW NTTLKYDERLAIBLDMEU RUVDMVGBHNUEOCDILJ GRAMANKOTVAFKUNVPH REUBVRJEWUXJERSTZV TYIHAYRRTDYMAERDIO TVIPJIAYBTHCOVLULV IGT0IVTEL0DERKMGTP AYLLIDTGOMTWLUPHJT nal NIK Weinerville (S) TNT Flintstones (CC) USA Cartoon Express WGN Jack Van Impe DISN The Little Mermaid SHOW Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories (S) (CC) (6:05) TBS The Jetsons 6:30 A.M. Bllnky Bill (CC) ED Bloomberg Business News 03 Sailor Moon 09 inside Indy 03 Steve Brock 03 Highlander (S) AMC Movie "The Fat Man" 4394910 BET Joyce Meyer CNBC Today's Business LIFE Everyday Workout NIK Beetlejuice (S) TNT Scooby Dooby Dool WGN Andy Griffith DISN Adventures in Wonderland (CC) SHOW Movie "3 Ninjas Knuckle Up" 850823 (6:35) TBS Flintstones (CC) 7 A.M.

VR Troopers Good Morning America (CC) This Morning (S)(CC) IB Today (S) (CC) ffi Nightly Business Report Q) Tom Jerry 03 News Q3 Benny Hinn Q) Joy 03 Garfield and Friends (CC) Mickey Splllane's Mike Hammer BET Rod Parsley CNBC Capitol Gains COM Benny Hill FAM Family Challenge (S) LIFE What Every Baby Knows (CC) NIK Looney Tunes (S) DISN The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (CC) HBO Eagle Scout: The Story of Henry Nicols (S) (CC) (7:05) TBS Gilligan's Island (7:05) CINE Movie "The Flying Fontaines" 38146303 7:30 A.M. UNO LiLXM JA a rjX pTp FA AF A ZF SJbiAJ. lliAH sinrr a nj mjTom py JllAA tHfTa JWulK. 11 NjEfio" y.ijLlr jjjiir-fL" ENor jet! jl m. AAiJ AA.AJ1 I 42 Show to be true V.43 Story i 45 Enthroned 46 Scull I 47 Actress Verdon 48 Snooty 52 Tympanic membrane 56 Aaron or Williams 57 Like a beer 59 A Copperfield j- 60 Comedian Johnson 61 Act badly 62 Chester Arthur I' 63 Anchor 64 Velocity 65 Removal mark DOWN i -1 Mild oath 2 Law 3 Angered i 4 Gourd family i member i 5 Honor 6 Come into being Who's Talking" 63182823 10:30 A.M.

3 Shining Time Station (S) (CC) QD Designing Women (S) (CC) 60 Lonely Chef 09 Gavin Patti MacLeod 03 Stained Glass 7 Mr. Quayle 8 Lost 9 Answer 10 BB 11 Jai 12 Get the better of 13 Benefit 21 Young horse 23 Use a blue pencil 26 Writer Cather 27 Shallot 28 World-weary 29 Feather 30 Facilitate 31 PoetT.S. 32 Gall 33 Like some floors 35 Rotten kid 38 Groups of singers 39 Family member 41 A state: abbr. 42 Equal 44 spaniel 45 Influenced 060796 HIDDEN WORDS LISTED BELOW RUN FORWARD, BACKWARD, UP, DOWN AND DIAGONALLY. FIND EACH WORD.

BOX IT IN. Rapt Enchanter Thrill Charm Heavenly Enrapture Dilly Glorious Gleeful Morsel Pleasure Yummy Beauty Dreamy Lovely CSH9M 51 iron (lift weights) 53 Function 54 Asian river 55 Lion's pride 58 Deer 47 Beau (gracious gesture) 48 Hoax 49 Poi plant 50 "Do Doogle Howser, M.D. 0 General Hospital (CC) 46303 As the World Turns (CC) 68571 09 Donahue (S) (CC) 60 Cooking With Ursula (S) 60 Court TV: Inside Ameri- ca's Courts (S) 69 Movie "The Return of Rin Tin Tin" 892587 03 The 700 Club 03 Classic Arts Showcase BET In Your Ear CNN TalkBack Live COM Movie "Partners" 5972755 DISC Lynette Jennings Home FAM Highway to Heaven NIK Looney Tunes (S) WTIU Body Electric (S) TNT Wild, Wild West USA Tennis French Open, Men's Semifinal.611668 WGN Baseball Montreal Expos at Chicago Cubs. 22219262 (2:05) TBS Flintstones (CC) (2:10) DISN The Adventures of Mole (CC) (2:15) AMC Movie "Rulers of the Sea" 92026197 2:30 P.M. Dennis the Menace 60 Quilting for the '90s 60 California Dreams (S) (CC) 09 Gomer Pyle 03 Rimba's Island (S) (CC) BRAVO National Arts Tomorrow: Horse CRYPTOQUIP MALLARD FILLMORE by Bruce Tinsley MR.

GRAHAM, YOU GAJIE OP IN (MRKETiNCf To A FEW. MY TnWitA fcf NOT WHEN THERE yiffiW Wfl tW YOU (m amp I ToueHffT Vxwhkt weve 0TAKW1WToYl Jl AVOTTEWiW AN7 HOME-HHUOU MJK. (( WOkY; WE Cm iu CNN CNN Co. (CC) COM It's Garry Shandling's Show FAM FIT TV NIK Gullah Gullah Island (S) WTIU Survival Special (CC) DISN DuckTales (CC) (10:35) TBS Andy Griffith 11 A.M. Gordon Elliott Nbws The Price Is Right (S) (CC) 60 The Kidsongs Television Show(S)(CC) 60 Family Ties ED Kristianna 09 James Roblson 03 Walt Mills 03 Geraldo 03 Painting on Location Ouincy, M.E.

AMC Movie "Tomahawk" 457026 BRAVO Movie "Bang the Drum Slowly" 9714200 CNBC Inside Opinion CNN Newsday(CC) COM Saturday Night Live (CC) DISC Graham Kerr FAM Rescue 91 1(S)(CC) LIFE Martha Stewart Living (CC) NASH Aleene's Creative Living With Crafts (S) NIK Papa Beaver's Story-time (S) TNT Charlie's Angels USA Quantum Leap (S) (CC) WGN Geraldo DISN Chip Dale's Rescue Rangers (CC) (11:05) TBS Matlock (S) (11:15) HBO Movie "I.Q." 69976378 (11:20) SHOW Movie "Clean Slate" 89066842 jl Synciuw Inc. World nam nwti ZMRTVHE NKHHNY DQPL PYHRPZKZT NMHY: DVYPY KZ YMPHV DYPY EQR? Yesterday's Cryptoquip: THE FIRST THING A SOCIAL CLIMBER WILL BE WANTING IS ONLY A FAMILY TREE. Today's Cryptoquip clue: equals The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher In which one letter stands for another. If you think that equals it will equal throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels.

Solution is by trial and error. 0 1996 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. THIS DATE IN HISTORY In 1864, Abraham Lincoln was nominated for another term as president at his party's convention in Baltimore. In 1929, the sovereign state of Vatican City came into existence. Associated Press -Today is Friday, June 7, the 159th day of 1996.

There are 207 days left in the year. On this date: In 1769, frontiersman Daniel Boone first began to explore present-day Kentucky. Mighty Max (S) 60 Lamb Chop's Play-Along S)(CC) 60 Dragon Ball S3 Kenneth Copeland ffl The Joy of Music With Diane Bish 03 Littlest Pet Shop CNBC Squawk Box LIFE Kids These Days NIK Gumby(S) WTIU Body Electric (S) DISN Care Bears (S) (CC) HBO Shakespeare: The Animated Tales (S) (CC) (7:35) TBS Bewitched (7:50) AMC Movie "Six Bridges to Cross" 58273533 8 A.M. Mutant League 60 Sesame Street (CC) 68 Captain Planet and the Planeteers (CC) CD Today's Environment 03 Lester Sumrall (B Richard and Undsey Roberts CD Bobby's World (S)(CC) The Big Comfy Couch (CC) McMillan and Wife BET Real Business CNN Morning News (CC) COM Movie "Partners" 9386910 DISC Assignment Discovery (CC) FAM The Waltons LIFE Sisters (S) (CC) NASH VideoMorning (S) NIK Rugrats (S) (CC) WTIU Sesame Street (CC) DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau FRIEND, YOUCAN7IMA- WELL, you REALLY? MY FATHER.F0U6HT AGAINST BOTH THE FRENCH ANP THE AMERICANS. HtLOSTNINE MEMBERS OF HIS FAMILY ANQ 15 YEARS OF HIS LIFE FIGHT GINEWHAT THAT WAR.

WP6UKS. I SPENT SIX. MONTHS OF PURE THOUGHT FOR TODAY "Some seek bread; and some seek wealth and ease; and some seek fame, but all are seeking rest." Frederick Langbridge, English clergyman and author (1849-1922) DISC Graham Kerr ESPN College Baseball NCAA World Series, Game 13. From Omaha, Neb. (If necessary) 342991 NIK Beetlejuice (S) WTIU Home Green Home HBO Composers Specials: Strauss: The King of 34 Time(S)(CC) (2:35) TBS Flintstones (CC) (2:45) TMC Movie "Beach Party" 67789571 3 P.M.

Goof Troop (S)(CC) QMontel Williams (CC) Guiding Light (CC) 94823 09 Rolonda E0 John Stobart's World-Scape (S) 60 The Cosby Show(S)(CC) 03 Hogan's Heroes 03 John Hagee 03Taz-Mania(S)(CC) Police Story BRAVO Movie "Our Man in Havana" 103007 CNBC Market Wrap CNN Inside Politics DISC World Class Cuisine FAM Punky Brewster LIFE Cagney Lacey (CC) NASH Dukes of Hazzard (S) NIK Muppet Babies (S) TNT Movie "Soylent Green" 120649 DISN Charlie Brown and Snoopy (3:05) TBS Scoobv-Doo HEU.0UTINTH5FI5U. ING FROM A TUNNEL. 11:30 A.M. OThe City (CC) 98769 (S)(CC) 60 The Honeymooners 6D Saturday Evening Post Health Show 09 Joyce Meyer 03 Pastor E.V. Hill 03 Lynn Fischer's Healthy Indulgences (S) (CC) CNBC Power Lunch CNN Burden of Proof DISC World Class Cuisine LIFE Our Home NASH Aleene's Creative Living With Crafts (S) NIK The Busy World of Richard Scarry (S) (CC) WTIU Pro Con DISN Tale Spin (CC) (11:40) TMC Movie "The Driver" 8133397 NOON Jim J.

Ann All My Children (CC) 93668 QNews(CC) 09 News (CC) 63 The Big Comfy Couch (CC) 60 Andy Griffith ED Movie "The Threepenny Opera" 55736 03 Life Lessons 03 TBN Today HOROSCOPE by Joyce Jillson GOREN ON BRIDGE Horoscopes on InfoLine South Using a touch-tone phone, call 624-4636. After the greeting, enter the four-diqit code for the as "North-South vulnerable, deals. NORTH 4Q62 9J42 0J95 (3:20) SHOW Movie "North" 21933939 3:30 P.M. Bonkers (S) (CC) 63 Wild America (S)(CC) 68 Brady Bunch 03 Newhart Q3 Marilyn Hickey 03 Eeklstravaganza (S) (CC) BET Rap City Top 10 CNNEarlyPrime(CC) DISC ChRfa- firnat C.Mm KJ93 EAST TNT Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny, Rahl Rahl Rahl USA Knight Rider (CC) DISN Gummi Bears (CC) HBO Movie "Eyes of an Angel" 874378 SHOW Movie "It's Pat" 7349197 (8:05) TBS Little House on the Prairie (8:20) TMC Movie "Blue Sky" 31081769 8:30 A.M. Dinosaurs (S) (CC) 6B Cartoons John Hagee S) Bananas in Pajamas (CC) 03 The Kidsongs Television Show(S)(CC) BET Sanford NIK The Busy World of Richard Scarry (S) (CC) TNT Flintstones (CC) CINE Movie "Meatballs Part II" 4450179 DISN Welcome to Pooh Corner (CC) 9 A.M.

Beverly Hillbillies Regis Kathie Lee Maury Povich (CC) (D Tennis French Open: Pete Sampras vs. Yevgeny Kafelnikov. Men's singles semifinal. 368674 63 Barney Friends (S) (CC) 68 Indy-TV Mall 60 Lonely Chef 09 World Harvest ffl Rod Parsley WEST A 1075 0KQ863 84 J9 10763 010 7 Q10752 SOUTH K843 VAK95 0A42 A6 FAM Wild Animal Games NIK Alvin and the Chipmunks (S) WTIU Wishbone (S) (CC) CINE Movie "In the Line of Duty: The Twilight 2310397 DISN Donald's Quack At- tack(CC) would have had to work hard and guess everything right to score nine tricks, but West elected to lead a spade. Declarer won in hand with the king, cashed the ace of hearts, then led a low heart toward the jack.

In with the queen of hearts, West persevered with a low spade, taken by the table's queen. A clear picture of West's hand was beginning to emerge. The defender surely had four spades and probably only five diamonds, and had already shown up with two hearts. Therefore, West could not hold more than two clubs. Declarer cashed the jack of hearts and ace-king of clubs, reducing West to nothing but diamonds and spades.

Now a spade from dummy presented West with two spade tricks, which were welcome, and the lead, which was not West returned a low diamond, leaving South with a guess. Was West's suit headed by a high honor and the ten or Declarer opted for the latter, inserted the table's jack and, when that held, nine tricks rolled in two spades, three hearts and two in each minor. For Charles Goren's newsletter, write to Goren Bridge Letter, The Indianapolis Star and The Indianapolis News, Tribune Media Services, P.O. Box 4410, Chicago, III. 60680-1225.

Tribune Media Services mbu Movie Agnes or uoo 1122026 The bidding: SOUTH WEST 14k. 10 INT Pass Pass Pass NORTH Dbl 3NT EAST Pass Pass 03 Jenny Jones (CC) 03 Movie "Africa Screams" 3698129 The Equalizer BET Video Soul CNN CNN Today COM Politically Incorrect DISC Great Chefs of San Francisco ESPN Inside the Senior PGA Tour FAM Home and Family LIFE Handmade By Design NASH Wlldhorse Saloon (S) NIK Eureeka's Castle (S) WTIU Across Indiana TNT Starsky and Hutch USA Golf Buick Classic, Second Round. From Rye, N.Y. (CC) 602552 CINE Movie "A Warm December" 7985910 DISN Frog (S) (12:05) TBS Movie "The Gambler III: The Legend Continues" 5983587 12:30 P.M. TMi column It for MrtfUmmwl only.

Today's birthday (June 7): A climb up the career ranks is imminent this year. Your sphere of influence begins to grow this month feed creativity by exploring different cultures and art forms with a fantastic new love. Big money comes when you find financial backers in July. Maintain intrigue through August and lucrative offers keep-a-coming. 2400 Aries (March 21-April 19): You can feel recent work assignments weighing on you, but you have a new resilience that keeps you ultraproduc-tive.

Use discipline with finances. 2402 Taurus (April 20-May 20): A glorious romance could be with a Gemini or Cancer. Tend to a family issue before it boils over. Someone is glad that he or she gave you the benefit of the doubt 2403 Gemini (May 21-June 21): Putting an idea into play immediately helps you maintain your Identity in a partnership. Provide guidance before you're asked for it.

Equip yourself to face a whirlwind social function. 2404 Cancer (June 22-July 22): The current transition period is fantastically enlightening. The best insight comes with reflection and introspection. Remain patient with a complex financial scenario. 2405 Leo (July 23-Aug.

22): Your credentials impress the right people. You thrive in interviews and one-on-one meetings. A romance intensifies when a conversation leaves much to the imagination. 2406 Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept 22): You are easily inspired by a significant other.

Social outings bring fascinating introductions. Welcome opportunities for financial growth or relocation. 2407 Libra (Sept 23-Oct 23): Educate trology sign you want to hear (codes are printed at the end of each sign). yourself about something you're diving into. Watch others' body language for clues.

Reward yourself for hard work. Simplify an overly intricate romantic strategy. 2408 Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov. 21): Whatever the outcome of a new romantic situation, you're rewarded for trying. Purchase items that make you more marketable.

A goal can be realized. 2409 Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): No one can argue that you don't use resources to their fullest. Show a higher-up that you are versatile and you will be given carte blanche.

Focus on the present and be aware of what's on the horizon. 2410 Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): The water signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) can help you appraise situations and steer for success. Develop a skill you naturally possess.

Take decisive action against people who influence you negatively. 2411 Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): A cancellation leaves you open for golden opportunities. It's fine to trust effusive people and consider fabulous offers without cynicism.

Update your statistics. 2401 Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): Paying attention to detail, especially1 having to do with your appearance, ensures that you stand out. Celebrity status is right around the comer. Make subtle distinctions, and read between the lines.

24 12 Creator! Syndicate Opening lead: Five of I a suit is good enough to bid, it should be good enough to lead. Failure to do so on this deal made declarer's life easier. North-South were employing a forcing club structure, so South's first two bids showed a balanced hand of 17-20 points and North's double announced values, not a desire, to penalize one diamond. Three nc- trump was a normal contract After a diamond lead declarer (3:35) TBS Brady Bunch 4 P.M. Aladdin (S)(CC) Oprah Winfrey (CC) QLAPD(S) 09 Sally Jessy Raphael E0 Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego? (S) (CC) 69 That's Warner Brosl 60 Shirley 09 Pet Playhouse S3 Praise the Lord 03 The Adventures of Bat- man Robin (S)(CC) 03 The Kidsongs Television Show(S)(CC) Mickey Splllane's Mike Hammer AMC Movie "The Restless Years" 979216 COM It's Just a Ride DISC The Popular Mechanics Show FAM Family Challenge (S) LIFE The Commish (S) (CC) NASH Wlldhorse Saloon (S) NIK Tiny Toon Adventures DISN Movie "Napoleon and Samnntha" 8613113 Saved by the Bell (S) (CC) 03 The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon BET Benson CNBC Money Wheel DISC Home Matters FAM Newswatch Today LIFE Our Home NIK Rupert (S) WTIU Lamb Chop (S) (CC) TNT Gilligan's Island USA Murder, She Wrote WON Court TV: Inside America's Courts (S) DISN Dumbo's Circus (CC) (9:05) TBS Who's the Boss? (9:25) SHOW Movie "The Cowboy Way" 30014705 9:30 A.M.

The Young and the Restless (CC) 448246 09 Martha Stewart Living 3 Reading Rainbow (CC) 60 1 Love Lucy (CC) Q3 Rod Parsley 03 Casey Treat AMC Movie "Come Back, Little Sheba" 9715804 COM Kids In the Hall DISC Home Matters ESPN Golf LPGA Oldsmo-bMe Classic, Second Round. From East Lansing, Mich. 179216 When you're looking for new oportmenf, look to Rent Indy. You con find it every Fridoy in The Indianapolis Star and News, or call the Rent Indy Hotline at 631-6262. IT'S YOUR COVE! Beverly Hillbillies 83 Gerbert (S) 63 Marilyn Hickey 03 Homestretch (S) AMC Movie "Star Dust" 188303.

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